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A Timeline of Photographs

I have had the privilege to photograph people throughout their lifetime, at special times, joyful times and times they simply come together to tell their story. Leaving them with a memory that will always cherish in their hearts through a photograph.
Being part of a family or individuals’ journey is truly a joyful experience. Seeing the children grow and mature, the parents also growing in wisdom and people change and develop into themselves is like watching my family and friends change throughout life too and having the privilege and building the relationships as a photographer is an absolute joy. This is what I have been acknowledged for through my photography and what I am most proud of. I am committed to sharing my perspective as a photographer Mickleham Melbourne Australia to bring out the best I can with people and what they are experiencing.

My Melbourne

Welcome to my images of Melbourne, compiled together for your enjoyment and free use. I photograph how I see it, there is no staging or purposeful intention apart from the way I view it.

As a Family Photographer, when I head out with my camera in Melbourne every day has a different energy. There are days I meet friendly people and feel the warmth of the morning glow touching Queens Street or the excitement of shoppers venturing through the unique little stores tucked away in the busy laneways and the buskers creating entertainment.  Although there are also days that I sense the loneliness of people especially with the workers or people rushing from one place to another with no other focus or the homeless people looking for a break, help or to be acknowledged. On these days I also take on that energy but with a sense of awareness that fades away and again I feel part of my city, comfortable and relaxed.

Just like the flavors of ice-cream take it or leave it, its entirely up to you, but I hope they tell a story and can resonate with you.
Please leave your details below and I will send a copy of your favorite image to download.

Thank you
Maria Povh

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Tips on How to Photograph Products for your Business

So, you have your own business, or you have been left with the difficult task to photograph a product for social media. You could be on a budget; product is sold so need a photograph asap or you merely thought I can do this myself. Whatever the reason I am here to help and offer suggestions.

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