SMB Champion by Maria Povh is a storytelling service that uses photography as a vehicle to share your vision, mission, and dreams with those you care about the most.
This art form is not merely for the purpose of chronicling.
It is a mechanism for allowing possibility.
While I (Maria Povh) am world-class in the art I create for my clients, my primary concern is how you feel when you are able to see your from a different perspective.

If you are a business owner in Melbourne, Australia focused on providing on-going support for your clients and or you are committed to deepening the relationship you have with them, may have a service that can facilitate that.
These services are specifically for you if you’re committed to offering your clients the best possible experience.


People rarely wish to be sold to. is committed to longterm, effective relationships with our clients and supporting them to do the same with their customers.
My membership offerings mean you always have someone available to support you in sharing a story that connects with your customers and supports them to experience more value through their relationship with you.

I want you and your customers to feel great and connected allowing the expansion of possibilities in every aspect of your life.
I solve the challenges of your customers being acknowledged in their abilities and through your services.

History, Passion + Purpose

There is what happened (facts of your life) and there is what you made it mean.
This is a human condition to create meaning.
Without meaning, you could not progress or live.
The difference you can make for yourself and for your customers is in supporting them to create new meaning that inspires them to thrive more than they expected.
Specifically, your business grows when you support your community in a possibility that inspires them.

My pathway to photography was born from my intuition of wanting to express more through imagery rather than words.
It has always felt nurturing for me to use photography as a medium to share stories.
Today I am creating some of my best work and adding to the wonderful images in my earlier years.
Helping others to open up their intuition and “ go for it” is now my standard operating procedure.
My preferences have been for the old ways of using black and white printing in a photo lab or darkroom.
I always enjoyed developing my own film.

Maria Povh

Where did I begin?
How did my passion play out?
The story, the experiences, and the observations as a child created the foundation in my mind to the playful interest in capturing and sharing visions on film.
There were always opportunities for expression whether on holidays, at parties, at home and in the streets.
Ultimately, my passion lead me to confidently enrolling at the Australian College of Photography, Art and Design (ACPAC) and then graduating as a fine art student at ICAD.
From the moment I found out I had a vision, I knew photography would be the way I share with the world.
My mentors advised me to pursue my passion and apply my artistic capabilities to their fullest and to make a difference.

My flavour of sharing your greatness to the world is using images.
The message of Love is the same for all of us.
What is your flavour?

Professional Photographer Melbourne Australia